Loan request with a twist...

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Loan request with a twist... Empty Loan request with a twist...

Post  JobyLoveLamp on Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:42 am

It's more of a risk taking scenario. Hear (read) me out....

I would like to buy ALL of the CoinUp (Topper) cars for the Super Bowl collection. I have 15 of them. I basically need a loan for about 260k. Here's the catch. If one of them gets MVP, you will get your money back, or half. Whichever is greater. For example, Flacco wins MVP, you get your 260k back. If Pollard wins MVP, you get your money back and 240k for taking the risk.

If none of the cards win MVP, you'll get your money back, I'll just have to sell some of my more prized possessions (cards) to get it to you.

PM me if you're interested in this.

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